With a winning tradition in Olympic sports, Flamengo launched the new shirt of the season on Thursday. In dark gray, with the traditional stripes in red and with small details in the colors that represent the five continents, the fourth red-black mantle is a commemorative edition inspired by the Olympic, which will be held in Rio in August.

For the launch we call on athletes who will compete and athletes of the club with history in the games representing the colors of the Black Red Nation for a matter in the GLOBO TV, http://globoesporte.globo.com/futebol/times/flamengo/noticia/2016/06 /flamengo-background-history-history.html

And the black red nation was not left out, we made available to the fans a photo machine, in the Gávea store, where they could take a photo as the main star of the campaign and share in social networks.